We procure the most needed drugs for Chinese patients globally. We procure the most needed drugs for Chinese patients globally.

Work Atmosphere

We are vigorous, resolute, rigorous, and with high efficiency.;
We work hard with upward-mobility and strong responsible sense.
We are pragmatic but not flaunty; we are good at autocriticism and self-conclusion.
We suggest new employee to have the make-zero sense to integrate into new work environment rapidly.
We offer hand guiding to new employee to speed the understanding and knowing his responsibility and work contents.
Our management are nice and approachable, and we have good labor-captial relationship.
We offer training for employee on Pharmaceutical law and regulatory, business skill, professional knowledge, business etiquette, value concept, and so on.


We hold on the principle of Morality First and Capability Second and offer fair, impartial, equitable and transparent platform.
We emphasize on hard work, team work and common share no matter how the education background, experience and skill. We think the capability should be developed by abundant strength and whole-heartedly construction, and all work and performance will be gained relative salary. We stimulate employee by know-how share and award and offer the chance for employee to show the leadership.

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