We procure the most needed drugs for Chinese patients globally. We procure the most needed drugs for Chinese patients globally.

Privacy Statment
This website is set and compiled by Gowmo Pharma (the following is referred as“Gowmo”or“we”). Gowmo will provide some information relative with us or our business (including medicine and hygiene information) which is benefit from the convenience and interactivity of internet. At the same time, Gowmo will collect, keep or hold your personal information.
Gowmo also pay attention to your personal privacy rights, so that we will strictly comply with the following privacy protection policy.

Personal Datum
Personal datum is any datum related with someone directly or indirectly, by which the identification will be confirmed directly or indirectly; and the exist form of this datum may make the dispose and look up to be feasible, such as name, address, ID card or telephone card.

Datum Collection (or Use)
You could choose whether allow us to collect or use your personal datum.
You do not provide any personal datum when you browse or get some datum from the website or most of special column. Generally, you do not disclose your identification or provide any personal datum when you use the columns of this website.
We will collect your personal datum when you are voluntary and confirm your need us to provide some customized personal service. The purpose for us to collect or use your personal datum is to provide better customized personal service. If you refuse to be provided the personal service, we will respect your choice.

We will keep your personal datum under confidential by strict data stock and safe technology. But when to provide your need personal service, we maybe provide your datum to 
1.    Relative person, agent, counselor, auditor, contractor or service person in relative company providing relative operation service for Gowmo.
2.    Any relative company and person have business with Gowmo should comply with this Privacy Policy.
3.    And person, unit, company or other relatives who has the confidential responsibility shall comply with the privacy policy.
4.    According to the law of China and other countries, we must disclose your datum to the relative person or institution.
The retention time of personal datum will be not beyond the required time for holding (including any indirect relative purpose).

The personal datum collected from this website shall be confidential. All persons appointed to dispose these datum shall strictly comply this Privacy Policy.

Online Privacy for Juveniles
Our service object is adults beyond 18 years old, but not juveniles. Any juveniles below 18 years oil shall get advanced agreement of their parents when they demand the personal customized service, so that we could explain to the parents explain how we collect, use or disclose the personal datum of the juveniles. The parents have the right to refuse us to use the datum or prevent their children to provide the personal datum on the special page. When we find out the datum from juveniles, we will use this datum to contact with him and notice him our policy, that is get the agreement of his parents before collect his datum.
We will not use, release or disclose the datum of juveniles to the third party before get the agreement of their parents. The parents can withdraw the agreement regarding to use or keep the datum of their children; we will delete the personal datum as quick as possible.

Privacy Policy Agreement
If you provide the personal datum when you use our website, that means that you agree the items regarding to Privacy Policy; If you do not agree with relative items, please do not disclose your any personal datum on this website.
Gowmo keep the rights of amend, increase or delete some relative policy under the range not violate the laws or violate your legal rights. If we amend the policy item, we will announce the amended part on website to make you acknowledged at any time.

Suggestion or Question
If you have any doubt to the policy or the operation of this website, or you have any suggestion, please contact with us by mail, we will response you as soon as possible.