We procure the most needed drugs for Chinese patients globally. We procure the most needed drugs for Chinese patients globally.

Terms of Usage

Terms of Service
This site is developed and maintained by Shandong Gowmo Pharma Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Gowmo); before use this website, pls carefully read the following terms. If you do not agree with these terms or the amendments by Gowmo, you could actively cancel the service provided by Gowmo; whoever browses or downloads materials from this site are deemed to acknowledge and accept the following terms and agree those amendments, and become the users of this website of Gowmo (the following referred to as uersr).

1. Ownership of Copyright
The copyrights of all contents in this website are owned by Gowmo. Without prior written permission from Gowmo, one shall not make copy of any content in this site or make mirror on the server which does not belong to Gowmo.

2. Disclaimer
 (1). The information issued on this website may include or not include the latest information related to Gowmo or the business; we do not disclaim or not ensure the accuracy or completeness of the content. Regarding to any product, information or service got or purchased through advertisement, information or offer of this website by users Gowmo will assume the obligation or related legal liability according to the contracts, and products instructions, etc.
 (2). Gowmo does not make any guarantee or warranty of any kind, express or implied to the s2rvice provided by this website of Gowmo.
 (3). Users understand and agree that Gowmo shall not take responsibility for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, derivative or punitive compensation for the losses included but not limited to profit, reputation, application, data loss or any other loss caused by the following reasons:
(i). The use or unavailability of this website service;
(ii).  Costs incurred to replace any commodity, data, information, services purchased or obtained through the services of this website, or transactions concluded;
(iii). Your transmission or data has been accessed or tampered without authorization;
(iv). The declaration or action made by any third party on this website;
(v). Other matters related to this service, except as expressly provided in the terms of service.
 (4). The opinions expressed or implied in the relevant articles and materials reproduced on this website do not represent the views of Gowmo.
 (5). The information provided in this website shall not be used or distributed in a certain area in violation of the laws or regulations of that area.
 (6). The information reproduced in this website is subject to the principle of mutual benefit. All the reproduced articles have indicated their source. If there is any omission, please contact us and provide relevant supporting information.

3.Protection for Privacy
 (1). Anonymous users also can visit our website and get information. Some service may be supplied after the users’ registration, and we will explain the usage of this information before the users provide the relative information. Usually, this only requires users to provide one mail address or some information of job or title like this for this kind of registration. Sometimes, this website may require users to provide more information to better understand requirements users and offer better targeted service for users. Users have the right to accept or refuse any datum we collect including name, address, or phone, etc.
 (2). Registration Obligation of Users
   When users hope to use the service provided subsequent to the registration of website, users should agree to provide accurate, authentic, complete and the latest personnel datum and update the registered datum at any time and ensure it accurate, authentic, complete and latest. We have the right to suspend or terminal your account and refuse you use part of or all website service now or in future, if you provide or we doubt with reason that you supply wrong, untrue, expired, incomplete or misleading information.
 (3). The website will protect the stocked personnel information of users by reasonable and safe measures, unless there is some mandatory law government regulations; we will not disclose any personnel information to any irrespectively party (including enterprise or person).
 (4). Users shall know and understand that the personnel datum may be disclosed according to legal requirements, or be certain of the necessity like the following various items with goodwill.
(i). In accordance with legal announcement or following website legal procedure of Gowmo.
(ii). To protect the right or property of this website users.
(iii). To protect the safety of this website, users and public under emergency condition.

4. Predictive Statement
This website may issue some predictive statement regarding to Gowmo or relative business; this statement is substantially with risk and uncertainty and the purpose is to indicate it belongs to the predictive statement. This predictive statement is just to reflect the current view of Gowmo to future issue, but not the guarantee to the future business.

5. Intellectual Property
All domain name trademark, words, video, audio, graphics and images listed in this site are protected by relevant trademark and copyright laws. Without the prior written consent from Gowmo Pharma, no organization or individual will be allowed to copy or use such information. The intellectual property rights of all identifications, names, visual and package design listed in the website of Gowmo or its subsidiaries which are relevant to the products manufactured by Gowmo or its subsidiaries belong to Gowmo or its subsidiaries and are protected by the laws of the People’s Republic of China. No organization or individual is allowed to use in liberty without the prior written consent of Gowmo.