We procure the most needed drugs for Chinese patients globally. We procure the most needed drugs for Chinese patients globally.

We are keeping good cooperation relationship with various suppliers. We have established the sophisticated system for drugs and instruments of all suppliers from advancing stock, warehouse entry inspection, contract settlement, and products changing or refunding. We demand suppliers to supply in time and meet the supply requirement for products within the bidding range and outsourced by hospitals; we actively coordinate the price down required by the government. 

We precede the yearly recording review to the first marketing qualification of suppliers, record the medicine inspection of supply, and sign the Quality Assurance Agreement. We implement the batch management for the outsourcing contract signed with suppliers to ensure the efficiency period of drugs.

Procurement Department provides the bidding information for suppliers, and also provide the service for record of health insurance with different name and provincial-level pricing, which has optimized the developing information delivery of products to various Sale Departments.

According to the drug administration law, Procurement Department check the GMP or GSP qualification condition of suppliers, proceed the yearly recording for the first marketing qualification, review yearly the credit condition of suppliers, and evaluate them according to their profit contribution and marketing capability.

We have signed the strategic cooperation agreement with Pfizer and Sumitomo, etc. We provide the supplier service system for all suppliers under normal operation to check the stock and sale condition, and the payment, etc.